My game is frozen/buffering a lot?

The stream is delivered by 4G and is subject to spikes and dips in the signal. If the webcast drops out or you see the game graphic, please wait 10 seconds and then refresh the page, it will come back online.

Trying a different web browser may help this, we strongly recommend to use Opera (download from here). We ask that you test your internet speed before buying and stop all other downloads (test your speed here). We recommend a minimum download speed of 3Mb should allow you to watch the game smoothly, although the faster the download speed the better.

My page has been saying 'Payment Processing' for a long time?

Please refresh your page and check your inbox (junk too) to see if your order has gone through. Please do not buy another ticket until you have emailed us as we can find your password if the payment did go through and give you access to the webcast without you having to pay twice. Please state your PayPal email address in your email to us and label the email as ‘Payment Processing’. You can use the Support button at the top of the page or email via

I can only see the static video image?

If you’ve entered your code and all you can see is the static video image, then make sure we have started streaming (visit our Twitter to see live updates about that) or refresh the page. The static image will be on screen until we start streaming, so don’t panic. The image will also state the time our stream will start, if viewing overseas then please remember all times are in GMT.

I don't have an option to buy the game?

In this case we suggest that you try it in another browser, we recommend Opera (download here). However if that is not working for you then you can also try Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE.

I haven't received my code?

Check your junk inbox first, and if you still haven’t received your code then email us at or the Support button stating your PayPal email that you used to make the payment. In order to avoid missing any of the game, we suggest that you make sure you’ve got your code or emailed us at least an hour before face off. Remember our stream goes live 30 minutes before face-off with updates about the game and interviews, so tune in early to get the most out of your live stream ticket. Please label this email as “No Code”.

Can I share my ticket with someone else?

The ticket you purchase can be used on one device, in one location whilst the web stream is live. The system automatically flags any tickets used at different locations or multiple devices, this will automatically disconnect and remove the ticket. No refund will be offered and you would have to purchase a new ticket.

Please Note: Any tickets being shared are automatically tracked, flagged and disconnected. No refunds are given for ticket disconnection due to sharing.

How do I get help - can I phone someone?

No, unfortunately the best way to get an answer is to email or tweet - generally if there’s an issue with the stream you can be sure we know about it already. Usually refreshing your player page is the best and first way to deal with any problems. Clearing your browser cache solves most other problems.

Connection Issues

    • - We recommend using a wired network connection if possible
  • - First refresh your browser window (F5 or Cmd+R) and then try clearing your browser cache.
  • - Try switching browser. Google Chrome and Firefox are both good options but please try the OTHER if one doesn’t work right.
  • - If you are using WiFi: try moving physically closer to the router, and turn off Wifi on other devices, until you’ve resolved the issue at least.

What Devices are Supported?

Our officially supported devices are:

  • PC and Mac / desktops + laptops
  • iOS devices / iPad and iPhone
  • Android (v4+) phones and tablets.

SMART TVs (and Set top boxes) are NOT 100% supported. Some models work, some do not and we cannot at this time give a definitive list. Do not purchase unless you have a supported device available with which to watch this broadcast.