Hull Pirates Join IHLUK

Hull Pirates Join IHLUK

We are super pleased to announce that Hull Pirates have signed up to work with us (Ice Hockey Live) to deliver their home game live streams. As the premier provider of ice hockey live stream setup and systems, we have worked with the Pirates to carve a deal out that will create a fantastic production on game night for the home fans (online & at the arena) and away fans, that can’t get to the ice rink for games.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest in broadcast production; with the help of Quickline (superfast satellite broadband company) we are able to put a high speed internet connection directly into the building allowing us to send out a high bandwidth stream. With our setup in Hull we will be trialing lots of exciting engagement and technology experiments, which will then be deployed out to the rest of our live streams. Watch this space for “Ref Cam”...

The addition of the live streaming service allows the club to gain an additional revenue stream, of which over half the ticket price goes directly back to the club to reinvest. Our service is routed in ice hockey and we passionate about the sport and supporting it.

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